Art expresses ideas. Art, among all the other tidy categories, most likely resembles what it is like to be ‘Human’. Be human and celebrate art because only we humans can think and have ideas. Give voice to your ideas, thoughts, and emotions, and give them a visual form with an awe-inspiring arty touch with ink that lasts forever.

1. It really doesn’t hurt that much:

When you decide to get a tattoo, you need to brace yourself because it is going to hurt; but it is definitely not unbearable. Thin people encounter less pain getting tattooed; on the other hand, a heavier person with a lot of fat might find getting a tattoo underneath a fat roll more painful because the skin is less exposed to sensation and to in general. Tattoo ink takes easier to well-hydrated skin, which makes the process faster and less painful.

2. Trust the experts and you’ll have nothing to be worried about:

Tattoo artists are trained, they know better about the feeling you go through before and after getting a tat. So listen to the experts and follow their suggestions for your post-tattoo-care and you won’t regret the decision of getting your skin inked.

3. Positioning is the key:

Like the saying“Wear your heart on your sleeve”; the most popular area on the body for tattoos, especially first tattoos is the outer shoulder area. It is one of the least painful places to get tattooed because there are not a lot of nerve endings here and skin is thick, so the scratching of the needle doesn’t hurt that much. Based on the tattoo size and shape tattoo positioning is the key, it’s your wish where do you want and how do you want.

4. Don’t pick a copy to create a new one: Get an authentic snippet of art for an original you. Don’t copy anyone’s style, specify your wants and needs to the tattooists. Feel free to team up with your ink-slinger to draft the right design to match your personality. One can never enjoy art if they are emotionless. Only an artist captures emotions in his art. The tattooist will give an accurate shape to your ideation. All you need to do is vocalize your emotion and notion.

5. Cost really doesn’t matter what does is the right design: An art piece that provokes feelings gives inspiration is a thing of beauty forever. It’ll always be appreciated if the artist is given a fair price because art is never a cheap thing it should be respected

Collab with the artist to create a masterpiece for yourself. Think before you get inked because you are gonna wear it forever or at least a long time.

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